About Us

Phoenix Mold Remediation is a leading mold inspection and mold removal specialist. We service the Phoenix area and surrounding cities. Our services are offered for both residential and commercial clients. We focus specifically on assessing and solving mold related issues.

Mold Removal Specialists – Our Story
After spending years in the water damage restoration and construction industry we thought it was time to make a difference providing quality services that matter to everyday people.  After having a personal experience with a mold issue and being frustrated by not getting the services we needed, we realized there was a gap in the market.  Unfortunately, whether it was the basic service of having our phone calls answered or returned, having a service provider show up on time or feeling like honest information was being shared – none of the above seemed to happen. Phoenix needed a mold inspection and mold removal specialist providing common sense advice and solutions.  As a result, Phoenix Mold Remediation was born. 
Our team is composed of a wide range of skills – General Contractors, Skilled Tradespersons and of course, everyone is certified to perform their role.   Our combined years of experience well exceeds 50 years which is brought to each and every client we work with.  When it comes to mold and mold related issues, our primary focus is to educate our customers.  Understanding what is going on in the environment is the key to provide the information required to make the right decisions.

Our Commitment to Excellence
The entire Phoenix Mold Remediation team is dedicated to providing our customers with the service they actually need.  As a mold inspection and mold removal specialist,  we take the time to understand the issues and provide common sense solutions.

Service Area’s
Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Specialists Servicing; Phoenix.

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